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Medicine Dog Drums and Rattle
Welcome to Medicine Dog Arts, Inc.  You will find Drums, Rattles, Prayer Fans, Smudge Fans, Dance Fans,and Totem Necklaces, all handcrafted by Lori Boess.  All my art is blessed, smudged and created with the power of positive intention for the upliftment of all nations.


Artist Lori Boess

Originally from Tacoma, Washington Lori has relocated to Divide, Colorado.  She was
adopted by Cherokee Elder Bonnie Pemberton.

Lori is the Drum Keeper for Buffalo Thunder.  Lori dances in the Two Spirit tradition.  Lori is a Fire Keeper, Lodge Keeper, Pipe Carrier, Bundle Keeper, Intuitive, Spiritual Adviser.

A special note from Lori 

I honor each of these teachers as I have walked the Red Road.
"I offer a prayer of Gratitude to all those who have helped me on my journey including Berniece Falling Leaves, Grandmother Red Spider Woman, Conner Sauer, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Bonnie Pemberton, Kathy and Wayne Cantrell."


Handcrafted Drum   Hand Framed Drum

"Hand held frame drums are among the oldest known musical instruments. In prehistoric times, their rhythms helped shamans and seers attain the sacred trance state necessary for healing and prophecy. The rituals of the earliest known religions evolved around the beat of framed drums.

In modern times drummers have been almost exclusively men, but more and more women are rediscovering their ancient birthright. Many women are returning to the drum to recover an important spiritual connection to health and one another that has been lost-a connection long buried but somehow instantly familiar. Drumming is again becoming a tool for individual and cultural healing and transformation.

Consciousness transforming practices such as rhythmic drumming or meditation can put us in touch with the archetypal patterns of consciousness inherent in human beings. As patterns of behavior are brought up from the unconsciousness into the light of conscious awareness, we can begin to change distorted or unhealthy behavior.

This archetypal knowledge enables men and women to understand who they are, within themselves and in relation to their families, communities, and environment."

Excerpts from Redmond, Layne, When Drummers Were women, Three Rivers Press, New York, NY, 1997, pgs 1, 2, 9.

Pow Wow drums, also know as mother drums, are available from 22 to 30-inch diameters. Each custom made drum frame includes a floor stand and sticks.

Hand framed drums are available in
10131516 and 18-inch diameters. Unique drumsticks are included with the purchase of a hand drum. Pricing of hand drums vary depending on the size and materials used they range from $80-$300.


 Peacock Feather Prayer Fan  Turkey Feather Prayer Fan

Rattles are another way for the medicine person to contact the creator for spiritual guidance. The rhythmic sound (vibration) tells spirit guardians where you are and that you're summoning helpers for spiritual good. 

Turtle rattle shells are hand picked for color, shape and natural design. A deer antler is attached to the shell then partially wrapped with leather and adorned with glass beads, bells and fur. When not in use, these beautiful rattles display nicely on a table or bookcase, or can be hung on a wall using the leather strap. Pricing ranges from $40 to $150. 

 Peacock Feather Prayer Fan  Turkey Feather Prayer Fan

Feathers relate to the element of air. We use fans and feathers to clear and cleanse our space and ourselves. The fans are symbolic of our connection to great mystery. The feather sends the prayer to the sky where the Creator lives. Feathers came from whatever medicine animal offered itself. The fan is also used to honor the spirit when we are dancing Pow Wow giving thanks for Creator's abundance.

Lori creates each
prayer and smudge fan using a combination of peacock, turkey or pheasant feathers. A soft leather colored handle is created to compliment each fan design along with the addition of specific animal fur.Fan prices range from $20 for a single feather fan to $160 for a five-feather fan.

Totem Necklaces are created using buffalo hair pipe bone beads with glass crow beads.  These pieces are created individually using all natural materials.  Focusing positive intentions into the totem and stringing them onto stranded wire with metal clasps.  The totems vary by color and animal, eagle, turtle, dolphin, spider, and various others as they become available.  Totems are our protectors and walks beside helpers.


Make your own hand drum with Elk hide and pine frame.  Take a spiritual journey with Lori and learn the art of making hand drums. Learn the history of the frame drum and its many uses. All classes are done in ceremony with smudging, stories and prayers.
Classes generally last 4-6 hours. Group classes are available with a four-person minimum and can be held at the studio or your location. Hand drum classes are $225 per person, all materials provided.  Participants leave with a 15" drum and stick.

Pow Wow drum classes are available for individuals or groups at $500-$900 per drum depending on drum frame size. Larger drums are available with a floor stand and four sticks. 

Contact Lori at (360) 280-2117 or email her to schedule your class-she is available to teach and travel year-round.

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